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Terminals and aprons

We currently have four separate terminals where aircraft and passengers arrive at and depart from the airport (Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5 – Terminal 1 is no longer in use). They do not have the space to serve the increased number of aircraft, passengers and bags that will use an expanded airport.

Terminals 2 and 5 are both modern terminals that deliver world class service levels for our passengers and airlines. They also have excellent public transport facilities and are likely to be the best areas for terminal and satellite expansion.

We have also been looking at options for additional aircraft parking spaces (aprons) to serve new terminal and satellite facilities. These are in addition to our existing terminals and satellites (shown in purple on the adjacent plan below).

DIAGRAM: Heathrow expansion new terminal and apron facilities options. Contact a member of our team using the details on this website for more information.
Click on the image for a larger version.

We need to minimise the amount of land required for expansion and to achieve this we will use the land between the three runways as much as possible. We have identified three areas for future terminal capacity and apron space (shown in pink on the adjacent plan) and it is possible that we may need to develop all three areas to support the expanded airport:

  • Area 1 – East: Expansion of Terminal 2 and the eastern apron;
  • Area 2 – West: Expansion of Terminal 5 and the western apron;
  • Area 3 – North: A new satellite and apron between the new north-west runway and what will be become the central runway.

These locations help keep the distance between aircraft parking areas and the runways as short as possible, making journeys more predictable and reducing fuel use and emissions. As we further develop our proposals we will fine tune the position of terminals and aprons in these areas to ensure that they are compatible with existing and future operations.

Further information

We have more flexibility with the location and configuration of the terminals, satellites and aprons, than we do with the runway. We have set out the options and our thinking in more detail in section 6 of "Our Emerging Plans" and there is more detail on the evaluation of these options in the "Scheme Development Report". Both documents are available via the Documents & Resources section of this website.
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