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Taxiways act as the ‘arteries’ of the airport, enabling aircraft to move between the aprons and the runways safely and efficiently. The terminal and apron locations have not yet been fixed and therefore the taxiway routes are still being considered.

A three runway airport will involve complex movements between the runways and the aprons for both arriving and departing aircraft. A well-designed taxiway system must provide efficient and safe links that deliver predictable journey times for passengers, lower operating costs for airlines, and greater efficiencies which will help us deliver on our commitments around noise and air quality.

We are considering three broad areas for new taxiways to link the new expansion facilities to the existing taxiway system. We may need taxiways in each of these areas to deliver our proposals:

  • Area 1 – West of T5: to reduce congestion within the existing airport due to a higher number of aircraft movements;
  • Area 2 – West of what will become the central runway: it is safer and more efficient to provide taxiways around the end of what will become the central runway, rather than require taxiing aircraft to cross a runway as currently happens at Terminal 4;
  • Area 3 – North and south of what will become the central runway: to reduce airfield congestion and also enable aircraft to land further along the runway so that they are higher over local communities.
DIAGRAM: Heathrow expansion taxiway options. For more information please contact out community team using the contact details on this website.
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Further information

The design of the taxiway system will be influenced by the exact locations of the new runway and the aprons and require us to balance a range of other factors. You will find more information about our ideas for the new taxiway system in section 5 of "Our Emerging Plans". Section 5 of the "Scheme Development Report" provides more background information about our evaluation of these options. Both documents are available in the Documents & Resources section of this website.
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