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Land use

The following major commercial facilities to the north-west of the existing airport will be affected by expansion.

Immigration Removal Centres

The Harmondsworth and Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centres are located next to each other on the north side of the A4. They perform an important national security function and require relocation. The Home Office requires a single combined replacement site which is close to (or on) the airport.

We have been working with the Home Office to understand and identify potential relocation site options that meet their requirements. Four sites close to the airport have been shortlisted, as show below. Further work is required to identify which of these may be the preferred option.

DIAGRAM: Options for the relocation of immigration facilities. Contact our team for more information.
Click on the image above to open a larger version in a new browser window.

Lakeside Waste Management Facilities

The Lakeside Energy from Waste facility is a successful local business located on the Lakeside Industrial Estate near Colnbrook which recovers energy from approximately 450,000 tonnes of waste material each year by incineration. Studies are under way to identify suitable relocation sites in the local area and further afield. If it is decided to relocate this facility it is likely that it would be consented through an early stand-alone planning application rather than our DCO.

Waterside Offices

These are sited in the path of the runway and need to be moved. We are working with British Airways to identify a suitable replacement site for a similar facility.

BT Data Centre

The BT Data Centre needs to be moved before the airport construction can be completed but it does not need to be located close to the airport and its replacement is being considered elsewhere in the south east of England

Total Fuel Depot Site

This site includes a rail terminal for the delivery of fuel to the airport and is within the Poyle Industrial Estate west of the M25. We have considered two alternative sites for its relocation and our current preferred approach is land nearby, between the M4 and the Colnbrook bypass.

Overhead power lines and substation

We need to divert the overhead power lines owned by Scottish and Southern Electricity around the edge of the expanded airport and relocate the associated substation in order to make room for the M25 works. The solutions to the new cable route and substation location are being investigated.

Other land uses

Other existing commercial uses will need to be removed too, such as hotels, offices and industrial premises. Uses of this sort may be replaced by similar facilities identified within our overall scheme.

We will also need to acquire residential properties in this area. For details of how we intend to manage the effect of this on local people please visit the Property section of this website.

Expansion of Heathrow will also require land development for airport supporting and related facilities. Please click on the sections below for more information.

Further information

Please see section 12 of "Our Emerging Plans" and section 16 of our "Scheme Development Report". Both documents are available via the Documents & Resources section of this website.
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