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While we are building an expanded Heathrow we will need land in and around the airport. This could be for construction worker offices, industrial plants and maintenance sites, control posts and site entrances, a new railhead, lorry parks, areas to produce, combine and store materials and workforce car parking. We also need to consider how we will accommodate the construction workforce. 

The sites that we are considering for temporary construction use are set out here. Minimising the effects of construction on local communities, stakeholders and airport users is one of our key priorities. To help us achieve this we have identified the following measures on which we would welcome your feedback: 

Use sustainable approaches

We will ensure that construction is sustainable. This could be achieved by using, just in time, deliveries to reduce the usage and waste of materials, ultra-low or zero emission vehicles and construction techniques and maximising the use of recycled materials while minimising water and energy consumption on site. 

Develop a Code of Construction Practice

We will develop and consult on a Code of Construction Practice that sets out proposed measures and standards of work that will be applied throughout the construction period. This will include information on the measures proposed to minimise effects on local communities, manage construction worker accommodation and the proposed construction working hours. 

Continuously improve the construction process

We will employ best practice management and delivery systems to manage construction works and we will evaluate contractors’ performance. This will help drive continuous improvement. 

Potential construction site locations

DIAGRAM: Potential construction site locations around Heathrow during expansion. Contact our team for more information.
Click on the image above to see a larger version in a new browser window.

Support training and skills development

We are currently developing strategies and measures that support training and skills development and address the quality of working conditions with specific attention given to fair pay, adequate benefits, safety and gender equality. Our expansion plans will create 5,000 additional apprenticeships, bringing the total to 10,000 by 2030. A number of these apprenticeships will help people develop skilled and sustainable careers in construction. 

Further information

The expansion of Heathrow will be a major construction project undertaken over a number of years. We anticipate that this will create many jobs in the local area. It is important to us that we understand your concerns about the potential adverse effects and try to maximise local benefits, such as jobs and supply chain opportunities. Please see "Our Emerging Plans", available in the Documents & Resources section of this website, for more information.
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