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Principle 6: Night flights

Reducing the noise impacts of Heathrow, particularly at night, is a key focus for us – now and in the future.

Heathrow has made good progress over the last few years in reducing the number of late running flights that operate from the airport and, with expansion we have committed to extend the ban on scheduled night flights from five hours today to six and a half hours (between 11.00pm – 5.30am) with the exact timings to be decided by the Development Consent Order process.

Heathrow will encourage only the newest and quietest planes to fly in and out of the airport, particularly during the night period. The majority of Heathrow’s flights in the future will be between the hours of 7am and 11pm, so the set of design principles we apply to flight paths in the future will mainly apply to flights during the day.

However, for the small number of flights that will operate late at night or early in the morning, we would like you to consider whether we should apply the same principles as we do during the rest of the day, or whether we should seek to apply them differently during these times.

You may like to review the previous questions and consider which of the proposed design principles would be appropriate for flights late at night or early in the morning, or you can propose another principle that hasn’t been mentioned.

Airport Expansion Consultation

Within our separate but parallel consultation on the expansion of the airport (also hosted on this website), we are required to ask for your feedback on particular issues relating to night flights, noise and air quality.

For more information please see our Airport Expansion Consultation Document or the “Our emerging plans” section on this website. To have your say on the emerging proposals for the airport please see “Respond to the consultation”.