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Heathrow Airport Expansion Consultation One

17 January - 28 March, 2018

There are two parts to this consultation: • The first relates to the physical changes on the ground needed to build a new north west runway and operate an expanded airport; • The second relates to potential principles we could apply when designing the new airspace required for an expanded airport. At this early stage, we are not consulting on future flight path options.

Respond to the consultation

There are a number of ways to respond to our consultation including via our online tool.

This consultation is an opportunity to have your say to help shape the emerging proposals which we will develop taking into account the feedback we now receive and consult on again later. These consultations are separate from the Government’s consultation on its draft Airports National Policy Statement (ANPS). Our consultations are about enabling you to help shape both our expansion plans for Heathrow and the way we manage airspace at an early stage. They are our opportunity to tell you about our work to date and our preliminary proposals and for you to tell us what you think and what we should be prioritising going forward. All of the relevant information for responding to both consultations can be found on this website.